[Django]-Can I use alias field names in django templates?


I would say to make your aliases in the context before passing from the view to the template. Something along the lines of:

c = Context({'foo': attrib_01, 'bar': attrib_02, ...})

You can plug this into a new function so that you don’t break DRY and you’re good to go.

As far as actually mapping this within the template, not so much. The template is, after all, just a template. The only thing coming close to working like you’re thinking is a {% with %} block:

{% with attrib_01 as foo %}
   <div class="foo">{{ foo }}</div>
{% endwith %}

It would likely work, but I fear it could get rather ugly.


How about using translations?

attrib_00 = models.TextField(_('attrib_00'), blank=True, null=True)

And then have different translations for attrib_00 as required.

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