[Answered ]-Changed Django's primary key field, now items don't appear in the admin


The answer you are looking for I think would lie in the SQL schema that you altered and not in the django models.

It could probably have something to do with null or blank values in the news_category_id, or news that belongs to a category that doesn’t exist in the news_category. Things I’d check:

  • You have renamed the primary key on the News category from news_category_id to id. Does the foreign key on the News also map to news_category_id and not anything else?
  • Are all the values captured in the news.news_category also present in news_category.id

Also, as an aside, I don’t see any reason why you need to rename the primary keys to id from something that they already are. Just marking them primary_key=True works just fine. Django provides you a convenient alias pk to access a model’s integer primary key, irrespective of what the name of the field actually is.


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