[Answer]-Create Django pulldown with "Select" as the default choice?


You can do this:

class StudentForm(forms.ModelForm)
    student_percentile = forms.ModelChoiceField(queryset= Percentile.objects.all(), empty_label="--Select--")

    class Meta:
        model = Student


Assuming the list of percentile choices doesn’t change often, this blog post gives a good method for doing what you’re discussing.


It describes using a tuple of choices and feeding it to a CharField (or perhaps per Joseph Paetz’s comment above, you could use an IntegerField for more efficient sorting and aggregation, and so you’re not storing what’s really a numeric value as text).

With your case specifically, you could just add a ‘–Select–‘ option as the first option, perhaps with a value of ‘-1’ or something similar, so you can validate on that value when the form is submitted. If it’s -1, they didn’t pick anything.

    (-1, '--Select--'),
    (95, '95th Percentile'),
    (80, '80th Percentile'),

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