[Answer]-Django 1.5 query that includes columns from other models


You don’t really need to include those elements in your QuerySet. In fact, you already have them : you just need to retrieve related objects.

With your code, latest and rows are querysets on Report model which have a foreign key on Part model

# in any *.py files, such as views.py
for report in rows:
    # You can access the Part object, so you can access Product, 
    # so you can access Manufacturer, just by hooking through the reverse relationship
    product_name = report.part.product.name
    manufacturer_name = report.part.product.manufacturer.name

You can access those element from your templates too :

# in your template.html
{% for report in rows %}
<p>Part: <span>{{ report.part }}</span></p>
<p>Product: <span>{{ report.part.product.name }}</span></p>
<p>Manufacturer: <span>{{ report.part.product.manufacturer.name }}</span></p>

So as you can see, everything is already ship with your queryset.


You can get the product and manufacturer name for a report by using report.part.product.name and report.part.product.manufacturer.name.

So you could do (using your current query):

for report in rows:
    product_name = report.part.product.name
    manufacturer_name = report.part.product.manufacturer.name

There are better ways to do it, but it depends on what you want to do with the names so you’ll need to be a bit more specific if you want help there. If you do end up using a simple for loop like that you probably want to have a look at select_related to avoid firing off extra queries for every report in rows.


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