[Answer]-Django Admin: deactivate authentication


I highly recommend against you doing down that road:

  1. Is it possible? No; the admin relies on the django auth app being with your settings’ INSTALLED_APPS; of course this is because the admin relies on permissions and permissions rely on the admin user being authenticated.
  2. The admin is built to edit not simply “your” models but also the models enabling the admin itself, mainly the models exposed by the auth app itself.

What to do … 2 options:

  1. Quickly develop a simple solution requiring no authentication using Django’s ModelForms – docs and another good link here.
  2. If it’s a “one-person tool” then simply keep your authentication details saved in the browser you use; i.e. let the browser remember your username and password, so you just have to hit the “login” button rather than re-enter your data.

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