[Fixed]-Django-cms 1.7.10 "OperationalError – no such column" after migration


So I actually figured out what was causing this behavior. In designing my gulp tasks, I restructured the project folder, putting all of my django-created files inside of a src subdirectory.

I did this thinking it’d be easier to watch my app files for changes this way without unintentionally triggering my watch tasks when gulpfile.js or files in bower_components were modified. (Ultimately, it didn’t matter, since my globs were more specific than just the django project root.)

This wouldn’t have been a problem except that settings.DATABASES['default']['NAME'] was the relative path project.db. As a result, when I ran ./manage.py migrate from within the /src directory, it performed the migrations on /src/project.db. And when I ran src/manage.py migrate from the parent directory, the migrations were performed on /project.db. The djangocms app itself was using the latter, while I’d been performing all of my migrations on the former.

So the lessons here are:

  • Make sure your sqlite file is specified using an absolute path.
  • When you encounter seemingly inexplicable migration issues, check to make sure you don’t have multiple .db files floating around in your workspace.


Have you tried deleting migrations in migration folder inside the app?

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