[Django]-Django dumpdata fails on special characters


One solution is to use ./manage.py dumpdata -o data.json instead of ./manage.py dumpdata > data.json.

Another solution is to use Python’s UTF-8 mode, run:

python -Xutf8 ./manage.py dumpdata > data.json


To save json data in django the TextIOWrapper is used:

The default encoding is now locale.getpreferredencoding(False) (…)

In documentation of locale.getpreferredencoding fuction we can read:

Return the encoding used for text data, according to user preferences. User preferences are expressed differently on different systems, and might not be available programmatically on some systems, so this function only returns a guess.

Here I found "hacky" but working method to overwrite these settings:

In file settings.py of your django project add these lines:

import _locale
_locale._getdefaultlocale = (lambda *args: ['en_US', 'utf8'])


Here is the solution from djangoproject.com
You go to Settings there’s a "Use Unicode UTF-8 for worldwide language support", box in "Language" – "Administrative Language Settings" – "Change system locale" – "Region Settings".
If we apply that, and reboot, then we get a sensible, modern, default encoding from Python.

the settings box looks like this. Enable the check and restart your system
Windows settings


On windows the way i solved mine was
Add to your settings

import _locale
_locale._getdefaultlocale = (lambda *args: ['en_US', 'utf8'])

run this on shell only on windows

python -Xutf8 manage.py dumpdata --exclude auth.permission --exclude contenttypes > db.json

I actually did this it worked

python -Xutf8 manage.py dumpdata -o data.json

But wasnt showing data from my installed apps


If you have multiple Python environments, before applying workarounds, it’s worth checking that you issue python manage.py against the correct environment. That was my case where I met the same error: the database was created under containerized environment on Linux, with a higher Python version, but Django and other packages were present also in the legacy local environment on Windows. As well, the project directory was attached to the container as a volume, and the content was identical locally and in the container. So, I just mix up and ran manage.py locally instead of being attached to the container.


I think this is the current best way: In the directory Python311\Lib\site-packages\django\core\serializers, you open the json.py file. In the json.py file, find the section:

class Serializer(PythonSerializer):  
           def _init_options(self):  
                  # Default is False  
                  self.json_kwargs.setdefault("ensure_ascii", False)  
                  # You fix False to True  
                  self.json_kwargs.setdefault("ensure_ascii", True)

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