[Fixed]-Django South Error: "there is no enabled application matching 'myapp'"


migrations exist on a per-app basis. each app may or may not have its own migrations, but you need to create them for each app where you want to use them. (often all apps)

./manage.py migrate is a shortcut that runs migrations for all apps



This error can be misleading: it is thrown not when South tries to import the app, but when it tries to get the app’s models module.

  • perhaps it cannot import the application (because you didn’t add its name to INSTALLED_APPS)
  • perhaps it cannot import the models module, because the file models.py does not exist, or because the directory models/ does not contain an __init__.py.

South doesn’t import the models module itself. Instead, it leaves that job to django.db.models.get_app('app_of_interest'), which according to its docstring “Returns the module containing the models for the given app_label.” The error message raised by get_app is, in fact, different depending on whether it failed to import the app or the model, but both exceptions are ImproperlyConfigured, and the schemamigrations script doesn’t look any deeper than that.

Because South says it is accepting security updates only (it entered end-of-life with Django 1.7’s migration feature), I’m not submitting a fix to its codebase, but instead documenting the problem here.



Check once whether you have included the app name in INSTALLED_APPS in settings.py

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