[Django]-Django: track down causes of DeprecationWarning


You can use the warnings module to raise an error for DeprecationWarning.

Temporarily add the following snippet to the top of your project’s urls.py:

import warnings
warnings.simplefilter('error', DeprecationWarning)

The DeprecationWarning will now raise an error, so if debug=True you’ll get the familiar yellow Django error page with the full traceback.

Once you’ve tracked down the source of the deprecation warnings, remember to remove the snippet! Note that it may be a third party app that is causing the deprecation warnings, not your own code.

If you’re new to the warnings module, you might find the page on Python module of the week to be an easier introduction than the Python docs.


You can also do this on the command line so you don’t need to modify your code. For example:

python -We manage.py runserver --traceback

The official doc is here. You can use abbreviations and the e in -We stands for convert warnings to error.

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