[Answer]-Django update by F() with log and square, a float needed


From the documentation:

Django supports the use of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and modulo arithmetic with F() objects, both with constants and with other F() objects.

Logarithms aren’t a supported operation, so there’s no way to get log(d*e) into an update call. You’ll have to do that in Python at some point, or by using a direct SQL update. Or by using a database view containing LOG(d) and LOG(e) as columns instead of the default table.

The rest of it you can do:

Data.objects.update(x=(F('b') * 100 + F('e') * F('e') * F('f')), y=(F('b') + (F('e') * F('e')) / F('f'))

I understand that that doesn’t help much without the logarithms, but I’m including it to demonstrate the use of the arithmetic on F objects.

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