[Django]-Does any one know of an RTF report generator in Django?


There is PyRTF but it hasn’t been updated in a while.

If that doesn’t work and you are willing to do some hacking then I can also point you to the GRAMPS Project that has an RTF report generator (look in gramps/docgen/RTFDoc.py). This code is very specific to their genealogy reporting needs, but it is clean and decently documented so could make a good starting point.


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There’s a fork of PyRTF called pyrtf-ng, it’s maintained and has Unicode support.
Documentation doesn’t exist from what I’ve seen, but api looks nice, and you can figure out a lot from tests in tests dir.


Windward Reports has a very nice RTF generator. And you create the template in Word so very easy to use. (Disclaimer – I’m the CTO at Windward.) And yes the Java engine is callable from Python.

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