[Fixed]-Entries in django admin panel is not clickable


class AccountAdmin(ImportExportModelAdmin, admin.ModelAdmin):
    resource_class = AccounttResource
    list_display = ['cust_first_name',]
    list_display_links = ('cust_first_name',)
    readonly_fields = ('image_tag_thumb', 'image_tag', 'cust_id',)


You can’t create 2 accounts with identical primary key (cust_id), so on creating new one, make sure that you’re entering new, non-empty key.

If you can’t click that entry, make sure that you have proper permissions, you’re not overwriting has_change_permission with something that will prevent you from editing that model. Also make sure that you’re not setting list_display_links to None, empty list or some field that is not in list_display or simply does not exist in your model. You can try specifying list_display_links to list of fields that will link to edit form.

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