[Django]-Error code H13 with Django App deployed on Heroku when trying to access Django page


Ran into the same problem while trying to deploy an app created by following the MDN Docs. Was able to resolve it by lowering the Django version to 2.2.10. Here is the requirements.txt file and the deployed app is working as it was locally. If you aren’t using Django 3 specifically for a purpose then it should be okay to lower it to 2.2.10. The tutorial on MDN was also made using django 2.


Also had this error. Not due to a timeout as it appears instantly. I’d just made changes to requirements.txt, including updating the versions of some of the packages. As I’m on Github, I rolled back the requirements.txt file to a previous version, which fixed the issue. My guess is that your requirements file is causing the issue (although it’s difficult to isolate the specific line in it from the error).



I think that this error has to do with a timeout.
This explanation was quoted in the heroku page for H13 error.
“One example where this might happen is when a Unicorn web server is configured with a timeout shorter than 30s and a request has not been processed by a worker before the timeout happens. In this case, Unicorn closes the connection before any data is written, resulting in an H13.”

So i think that this response can help you out with your problem.

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