[Answered ]-Error in admin page when editing using django-multilingual-ng on django 1.3


Don’t use django-multilingual-ng, as it is not supported anymore and will bring you many headaches. The author of the django-multilingual-ng started a new promising project, named django-nani. It should be reliable and Django 1.3 compatible.

As for me, this problem didn’t show on Django 1.2.4, so you might want to move back to that version, once you go through the Django 1.2.5 release notes.


I installed from latest revision and the error disapeared:

$ pip install git+https://github.com/ojii/django-multilingual-ng.git

Although the error is gone using this release, it still says it it unsupported. I am heavily inclined to roll back to Django 1.2.4, but I am still trying to figure this out.

As mentioned, the django-nani project is promising, but it is still in alpha stages. I couldn’t find a way to work with any type of model relationship as of today’s revision. They will be working on it soon.


I’ve got the same problem, upgrading from 1.2.4 to the new security releases in 1.2.7. Ng is already in use and can’t be swapped out, even though support for it has been dropped. Just the world we live in. I can’t find any documentation on force_havings role in the django query system.

Glad they’re working on a new system though. If anyone has any knowledge on force_having it would be greatly appreciated.


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