[Answer]-Error in Heroku run python manage.py syncdb


Someone gave this solution and it worked for me

Original Link: http://gettingstartedwithdjango.com/questions/1/error-in-heroku-run-python-managepy-syncdb/

If you type heroku config you’ll get the heroku environment values.

Mine only showed:

HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_BRONZE_URL: postgres://tcmgahtgsrmufa:iyA2dKD5bnO4f7jyv6MSu4453g@ec2-54-225-68-241.compute-1.amazonaws.com:5432/d6oj663f28smnh – there was no DATABASE_URL which dj_database_url.config needs. So then I found our from https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/heroku-postgresql that you need to promote this to DATABASE_URL. The commands is : heroku pg:promote HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_RED_URL (replace with whatever environment variable your set-up is using). So far so good. I came here to post as soon as I tried this out. I haven’t rerun yet but it should work.

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