[Django]-Fixture not found pytest


You appear to be defining test_graph twice, which means that the second definition will overwrite the first. And you added @pytest.fixture to a test_ method when you used it, but @pytest.fixture should be added to non test methods so that tests can use that fixture. Here’s how the code should probably look:

import pytest
import os

os.environ.setdefault('DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE', 'giddeon1.settings')
import django

from graphs.models import Graph, Node, Tag

def graph():
    graph = Graph.objects.get(pk='74921f18-ed5f-4759-9f0c-699a51af4307')
    return graph

def test_graph():
    new_graph = Graph()
    assert new_graph

def test_graph_add_node(graph):
    assert graph.name == 'Test1'

Above, the first method has been renamed to graph so that the next method doesn’t override it (and now @pytest.fixture is applied to a non-test method). Then, the 3rd method uses the graph fixture. Make any other changes as needed.

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