[Fixed]-__getattribute__ function to return object value from another class


If I understand your question right, you can’t do what you’re trying to do, and what’s more, you really shouldn’t. Whatever base_obj.obj1 is, base_obj.obj1.type will get the type attribute of that, because base_obj.obj1.type means (base_obj.ob1).type — that is, it evaluates the obj1 attribute first. There is no way to make base_obj.obj1 return one thing, but have the base_obj.obj1 part of base_obj.obj1.type be something different. At the time the lookup of obj1 happens, you do not know whether another attribute lookup is going to take place later.

There are good reasons for this. It would be very confusing if these gave different results:

# 1
x = base_obj.obj1.type

# 2
tmp = base_obj.obj1
x = tmp.type

If you want to get the value attribute, get the value attribute. If you want to be able to use obj1 in various situations as if it were its value attribute, you may be able to achieve what you want by overloading various operations on obj1 (so that, e.g., base_obj.obj1 + 2 works).

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