[Django]-Getting SSL error when sending email via Django


The default configuration has changed in Django 4.2, see here for details and workaround.



I was using Django 4.2 and Python 3.10, running into the same issue. Downgrading Django to 4.1.7 worked for me. Hope this helps


If you are encountering compatibility issues or errors when using Django 4.2 with Python 3.10, you may consider downgrading Django to a compatible version. Here are more detailed steps to downgrade Django:

  1. Identify the compatible Django version: Determine the Django version that is compatible with Python 3.10. You can refer to the Django project’s documentation, release notes, or compatibility matrix to find the recommended Django version for Python 3.10.

  2. Update the Django version in requirements.txt: Open the requirements.txt file in your Django project’s root directory. Locate the line that specifies the Django version, which may look like Django==4.2. Replace the version number with the compatible Django version. For example, if Django 4.1.7 is compatible, the line should be changed to Django==4.1.7.

  3. Save the changes: Save the updated requirements.txt file.

  4. Install the compatible Django version: Open a terminal or command prompt and navigate to your Django project’s directory. Run the following command to install the compatible Django version:

    pip install -r requirements.txt --upgrade

    This command will install the specified Django version and its dependencies.

  5. Verify the Django version: After the installation completes, you can verify that Django has been downgraded to the compatible version by running the following command:

    python -m django –version

    This command will display the currently installed Django version, which should match the downgraded version you specified in requirements.txt.

By following these steps, you can successfully downgrade Django to a compatible version and resolve any compatibility issues with Python 3.10. It’s important to note that downgrading Django may impact certain features or functionalities available in newer versions, so be sure to test your application thoroughly after the downgrade.

Installing collected packages: Django
Attempting uninstall: Django
Found existing installation: Django 4.2.2
Uninstalling Django-4.2.2:
Successfully uninstalled Django-4.2.2
Successfully installed Django-4.1.7

python3 -m django –version


pip install -r requirements.txt –upgrade

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