[Django]-How many channels can Redis support for PUB/SUB?


As previously answered here: Redis pub sub max subscribers and publishers

There is no hard limit in Redis on maximum number of channels; it is user configurable.


In order to find the maximum number of channels for your realtime requirement, you need to perform latency profiling and find a agreement on [ number of channels vs your desired latency] . It would be not wise to go with maximum number of channels from intuition as it might not provide fruitful result for your requirement.

Here is a small discussion on redis channels/latency profiling.

Additionally, apart from above you have following two choices to improve performance if required, those are

  • Redis Clusters
  • Applying Redis logical databases


It totally depends on your server configuration.

A part from number of channel there are other things to consider like number of concurrent socket connection through client browser.

you can refer the below link to understand working of pub/sub in detail


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