[Fixed]-How to check if a relationship exists in a Django template?


You can check that a relationship exists between the current user and other user tweets using a custom template filter.

We will write a custom template filter check_relationship_exists which will take the current user as the argument. This will check if the current tweet object is related to the user passed by performing a filter on its retweet attribute using user.id. If there exists a relationship, then the UN REPOST link will be displayed otherwise a RETWEET link will be shown.

from django import template
register = template.Library()

def check_relationship_exists(tweet_object, user):
    user_id = int(user.id) # get the user id
    return tweet_object.retweet.filter(id=user_id).exists() # check if relationship exists

Then in your template, you can do the following:

{% elif tweets|check_relationship_exists:request.user %}

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