[Django]-How to customize django rest auth email context


The PasswordResetSerializer uses the PasswordResetForm from django.contrib.auth.forms. The save() method of the PasswordResetForm accepts a parameter extra_email_context. So all you need to do is add extra_email_context to the dictionary your return:

def get_email_options(self):
    extra_context = {...}  # your extra context parameters
    return {
            'domain_override': settings.FRONTEND_URL,
            'email_template_name': 'registration/custom_reset_email.txt',
            'html_email_template_name': 'registration/custom_reset_email.html',
            'extra_email_context': extra_context

Just make sure your extra_context doesn’t override existing keys: email, token, domain, site_name, user, uid and protocol are already in use.

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