[Django]-How to implement Northwind in Django


Totally untried procedure follows. Not sure what you mean by ‘clean’. Here’s a few things on the internet that might help:

Step 1 – export from Access to MySQL:


Step 2 – point django at the database and use inspectdb to create models.py


Step 3 – clean up models.py, run syncdb, add it to the admin, see what you go.

Step 4 – ask this guy if he ever managed it:

http://ifdebug.com/django-northwind-coming-soon/ – he’s had four years!



I managed to create models for Northwind Database.

Just clone the repo. Make sure that settings.py are set.

Enter postgres -> create database named ‘mydb’ (as in settings.py).

Hit python manage.py syncdb – it will create tables with relations.

Enter postgres -> psql mydb

\i inserty.psql

Inserts are here(https://github.com/ouykjh/northwind_management/blob/master/inserty.sql#L11)

Hope it works 🙂


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