[Django]-How to integrate Faust with Django?


See the FAQ section in faust documentation

Can I use Faust with Django/Flask/etc.?

Yes! Use eventlet as a bridge to integrate with asyncio.

Using eventlet

This approach works with any blocking Python library that can work with eventlet.

Using eventlet requires you to install the aioeventlet module, and you can install this as a bundle along with Faust:

$ pip install -U faust[eventlet]

Then to actually use eventlet as the event loop you have to either use the -L <faust --loop> argument to the faust program:

$ faust -L eventlet -A myproj worker -l info

or add import mode.loop.eventlet at the top of your entry point script:

#!/usr/bin/env python3
import mode.loop.eventlet  # noqa

It’s very important this is at the very top of the module, and that it executes before you import libraries.


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