[Answer]-Import error from “Django Tutorial: a blog App” in windows 7


I suspected you were using a tutorial, so after googling dbe.blog tutorial I found this site. if that’s what you are using, then I’m guessing the lines that refer to dbe.blog should, in your case, refer to firstblog. So from dbe.blog import ... should be from firstblog import .... In your templates the same applies to the url tag

<a href="{% url dbe.blog.views.main %}" >Back to Blog Frontpage </a>

should be

<a href="{% url firstblog.views.main %}" >Back to Blog Frontpage </a>


Seems like you’ve added ‘”dbe.blog” to installed apps setting, try “blog” instead.


@vikki has a good point, so maybe you should give us full traceback.

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