[Django]-In django-tastypie, can choices be displayed in schema?


You can add the choices to the schema by overriding the method in your resource. If you would want to add the choices to any field (maybe to use with many resources), you could create the method as follows:

def build_schema(self):
    base_schema = super(SomeModelResource, self).build_schema()
    for f in self._meta.object_class._meta.fields:
        if f.name in base_schema['fields'] and f.choices:
                'choices': f.choices,
    return base_schema

I haven’t tested the above code but I hope you get the idea. Note that the object_class will be set only if you use the tastypie’s ModelResource as it is being get from the provided queryset.


A simpler solution is to hack the choices information into your help_text blurb.

In our example we were able to do:

source = models.CharField(
    help_text="the source of the document, one of: %s" % ', '.join(['%s (%s)' % (t[0], t[1]) for t in DOCUMENT_SOURCES]),

Easy peasy, automatically stays up to date, and is pretty much side-effect free.

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