[Answered ]-In what format should I respond from django to android after getting http get?


Read about serializing objects in django.

You can choose between xml, json or yaml. It’s pointless to add documentation here. Goto the link.

EDIT: Django’s doc is really nice. Example shouldn’t really be needed. But, still, an example from one of my projects [Line 492-507 from views.py].

def pendingOrders(request):
    userprof = UserProfile.objects.get(user= request.user)
    if userprof.is_student:
        student_account = request.user
        dish = Dishes.objects.all()
        #Getting all pending orders
        order_all_pending = Orders.objects.filter(student_id = student_account,delivered = False)
        pending_orders = Orders.objects.filter(~Q(status = 2),delivered = False)
        for order in order_all_pending:
            #Hack to change QuerySet to pass as JSON 
            order.quantity = pending_orders.filter(id__lt = order.id,counterid= order.counterid).count() + 1

        #Returning JSON response to the objects obtained in above statement
        return HttpResponse(serializers.serialize('json',order_all_pending,use_natural_keys=True),mimetype='application/json')
        return HttpResponse("Something went wrong")


https://stackoverflow.com/a/2845612/931277 Has an example of parsing json from an HttpResponse in Android.


You should use JSON. Django even makes it easy for you.

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