[Fixed]-ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'import_export'


Install the import_export module by writing this command in command prompt

pip install --user django-import_export
or use
pip install django-import_export


I guess you used virtual environment to develop some parts of your project (maybe accidentally) and then you switched it off.

Try to reinstall the modules with your virtual environment activated.



I had the same bug before, and here is what I did.


Be careful, the order of 'django.conf' and 'import_export' cannot be changed.


I guess you have installed Django in virtualenv. Now when you installed django-import-export you forgot to activate your virtual environment. I doubt there is something else.

Also make sure that your virtual environment is enabled when you run django manage.py collectstatic. You might have installed Django outside all virtual environments once in the past (by mistake) and is therefore not raising “Django not found” errors but cannot find import_export because you actually installed it in virtual environment.


Simple please install

i hope its work


Following worked for me, I still don’t understand why.

  1. Delete your virtual env directory.
    rm -rf env

  2. Come out of the virtual env.
    exec $SHELL

  3. Create the virtual environment again.
    python -m venv env

  4. Activate your virtual env.
    source ./env/bin/activate

  5. Install the requirements again.
    pip install -r requirements.txt

And it worked


to solve this problem you can try by installing django import-export only, I tried installing import-export which by default is 0.3.1 version and django import-export installs 3.2.0 version and fixed the problem

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