[Fixed]-Multiple conditions in inner query in django orm


Well since you have a list with names, I think this could help you:

names_list = [ ... ]

A.objects.filter(b__name__in=names_list, c_id=1, status=1).values('b__id', 'text')

Where names_list is your initial list of B names.


From your edit I can see the problem you’re facing. I think you will get an error in this line:

s = A(status=2, b_id=x.b_id, text=x.text, c_id=1)

because in x = A.objects.filter(b__name=n, c_id=1, status=1).values('b__id', 'text') you will get a QuerySet not an A object since you are using .filter() and not .get() method.

If you need to save a new entry with a updated status, for every A object that match your first query, you could try this:

for n in name_list:
    x_objs = A.objects.filter(b__name=n, c_id=1, status=1)
    for x in x_objs:
        s = A(status=2, b=x.b, text=x.text, c_id=1)

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