[Fixed]-Pydev not recognizing python installation with django


go in the menu to window -> preference -> pydev -> Interpreter – Python ; and add the python interpreter there, if you installed the django in a virtual environment you should add the python interpreter of the virtual env ; after adding the interpreter by clicking on new you should now click on Apply , you should see now all the system libs from PYTHONPATH added there between them Django .

hope this will help



I had the same problem and this is what I did just after installing eclipse:

  • Preferences > Interpreter Python
  • Pressed Auto-config
  • Selected /Library/Python/x.x/site-packages, which was not selected
    (some django folders were in there, persumably the installation)
  • Clicked apply / OK

Creating a Django project afterwards should be ok.

Good Luck!



You might have configured your python interpreter in Eclipse prior to installing Django in python.

So what you have to do now is in Eclipse remove the Python interpreter and add it again (now that it has Django installed) and all should work ok.


I was having this same exact problem today, and I just wanted to add some notes to help people out. You can follow the instructions of antonkeren above, but there’s one thing to note that was not mentioned. After adding the django directory to the path you must QUIT ECLIPSE OR APTANA STUDIO. After you restart it and try to create a django project it will work.


I stumbled upon this only yesterday myself: Django must not be among the system libraries for this to function…


I had the same problem and had solved it by adding the python home directory to the PATH variable and reconfigure the python interpreter on pydev.


Use auto config in the preferences option and then click apply and then ok.


If everything is done as said above, and still showing “Django not found” while your are trying to create django project, let try to double click ‘django-admin’ python file that in scripts folder of python. And try to create django project



I think I’ve got the same problem, Eclipse 3.5.2 on Fedora. In my PyDev Python interpreter settings I’ve got the site-packages/django folder (site-packages/django/bin too, just in case), but when I try to create a django project I get an error dialogue saying “It seems that the selected interpreter does not have Django available”. Looks like I’m going to have to use Eric4, which is a pity because I can’t get that working at all on my Windows rig!
Unless I manage to understand the cryptic advice above, “Django must not be among the system libraries for this to function…”


Same problem I have faced today. I took help from these answer.
but in my case it didnt work.

There is small modification in @antonkeren answer.

1) Go to Preferences. Windows > preferences.

2) Search for Pydev

3) Select Python Interpreter

4) Pressed Quick Auto-config

5) now download www.djangoproject.org/downloads django tar and extract on any location.

6) now click on Folder in “Libraries tab” of “System PYTHONPATH” and select your extracted django project folder location.

7) Click on apply and ok.

Creating a Django project afterwards should be ok.



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