[Django]-Python + django: unable to find module with Popen


It will only be in sys.path for the current Python instance. To get it for another, use the env argument to Popen with os.pathsep:

import subprocess
import os
import sys
subprocess.Popen(["python",path], env = {'PYTHONPATH': os.pathsep.join(sys.path)})

You should really look into the multiprocessing module for running multiple instances of Python.

Edit: @Graham pointed out in a comment that you might want to run this external script with a different version of Python than the one you’re calling it from. That sounds unlikely to me, but if so, you’d need most of PYTHONPATH to be different for it to work, so you’d need to just add /home/socialsense/ss/src.



you need to add


to the python path as well .

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