[Django]-"detail": "Authentication credentials were not provided." for general views



To open up the API on non-authenticated users, you need to give it an empty list on authentication_classes:

from rest_framework.decorators import api_view, authentication_classes, permission_classes

@authentication_classes([]) # Add this
@permission_classes([]) # Maybe add this too
def getProducts(request):
    query = request.query_params.get('keyword')
    if query is None:
        query = ''

    products = Product.objects.filter(
    serializer = ProductSerializer(products, many=True)
    return Response(serializer.data)
πŸ‘€Brian Destura


This thread is 1 year old but I was facing the same problem and I cannot have unauthorized access to my backend.

The issue with the configuration/usage is here:


When using this configuration, the Authorization header must be set with "JWT" instead of "Bearer".

For example, change:

"Authorization: Bearer <JWT token>"


"Authorization: JWT <JWT token>"

Another option is to modify the settings file to the following configuration and use the regular Bearer Authorization header:

'AUTH_HEADER_TYPES': ('Bearer',),

I recommend the last option, as it is the most standard one.

πŸ‘€Tiago Seixas


Did you add tokens in your headers?. if you have added then the access token must have expired so you can get a new access token from the refresh token

Add token in headers like Bearer token.

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