[Fixed]-Simple tutorial for Neo4J and using it with django + python


I just updated neo4django’s documentation, and like to think it reads like a tutorial. I’d appreciate feedback!


Look at the Bulbs Quickstart tutorial (http://bulbflow.com/quickstart/). Bulbs works with any Python Web framework, including Django, Flask, and Pyramid.



There is a nice integration for Neo4j+Django: https://github.com/scholrly/neo4django
and I notice a tutorial on github: https://github.com/johanlundberg/neo4j-django-tutorial

There are a few books in the works, covering general concepts about working with a graph database and Neo4j specifics. But they haven’t yet hit the shelves.

For now, the Neo4j manual is the best material available for learning.



neo4django is super outdated. Check the updated options at:


About the tutorial you can find many free resources at the website. You can also start with Cypher, the query language:



FYI: neomodel is also beginning to be outdated. It’s not compatible with the latest neo-driver version for instance.

It lacks updates, and apart from that, we had some serious threading issues with it – seems like it is not thread safe/not synchronous, or not doing the whole async/sync thing correctly. (since Neo4J is async, and Django is not (yet))

The idea behind these libs was to have some kind of abstraction layer, like an ORM, but what’s the point if it is not any more convenient than Cypher, nor can it do everything Cypher can, so you start writing queries in Cypher anyhow. Having something graph database agnostic is also fake, since it only serves Neo4J.

We already rewrote all queries in Cypher, now I just have to find a way to do the data modelling natively.


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