[Django]-Value too long for type character varying(30)


That is one of the issues with using email addresses for user names in Django. Many, many emails are over 30-characters. One common way to address this issues is using a custom “Authentication Backend” for email authentication. Using your own backend you can authenticate a user based on the email field instead of the username field. You can then generate the username based on that email address or using random generated usernames.

You can read more about this approach on my blog post Django Authentication using an Email Address.


Maybe it is not right way, but in my project i just increased user email size with south. Sample:

    >> ./manage.py schemamigration auth --initial && ./manage migrate auth --fake

Then i added into models.py:

    from django.contrib.auth.models import User
    field = User._meta.get_field('email')
    field.max_length = 254
    field = User._meta.get_field('username')
    field.max_length = 254


    >> ./manage.py schemamigration auth --auto
    >> ./manage.py migrate auth

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