[Fixed]-What does this line do in the post_save signal?


There is a foreign key from

class Variation(models.Model):
    product = models.ForeignKey(Product)

That allows multiple variations to be linked to one product. For any individual variation, you can access the related product with variation.product.

Django also creates an ‘accessor’ for the other side of the relationship, so you can access the variations related to a product. By default, it uses the name of the model in lowercase, with _set appended. The default can be overridden with the related_name attribute.

In your case, the line that you asked about,

variations = product.variation_set.all() 

is fetching all of the variations related to product. It gives the same result as if you did:

variations = Variation.objects.filter(product=product)

See the docs on related objects for more information.

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