[Chartjs]-Javascript chart fills up the entire browser window

1👍 ✅ Wrap it in a <div>, then size that: CSS: #wrapper { width: 400px; height: 500px; } HTML: <div id=”wrapper”> <canvas id=”lineChart”> </canvas> </div> jsFiddle. [Chartjs]-Charts.js stacked bar with polymer's wrapper chart-elements 0👍 You need to fill the options and pass it as a parameter to the Chart. $(function() { displayLineChart(); function displayLineChart() { … Read more

[Chartjs]-Charts.js stacked bar with polymer's wrapper chart-elements

1👍 ✅ 1) There one parethesis in excess in your 3rd background-color: backgroundColor: “rgba(237,86,27,0.5))”, should be: backgroundColor: “rgba(237,86,27,0.5)”, 2) You try to insert a data property in a data object, which is redundant. 3) You don’t have to define the type: ‘bar’ property because it is set by the name of the control . 4) … Read more

[Chartjs]-Plotting jqplot points to a chart.js chart

1👍 ✅ With a small workaround, it is possible to achieve what you want. You need to use Chart.js plugins, which let you handle events which occur through all the chart creation (beforeInit, afterUpdate, afterDraw …) and are easy to implement : Chart.pluginService.register({ beforeInit: function(chart) { // This will be triggered before the chart initalization … Read more

[Chartjs]-Chart.js coffeescript can't find variable

1👍 ✅ pollPieChart is a local variable, not a property on the event’s this context. Inside the ‘data:update’ event listener, js automatically sets this to be the element on which the event occurred (document.getElementById(”)). Simply removing the this. from before pollPieChart inside the callback should fix it, as it is defined within the current closure, … Read more

[Chartjs]-How to change the color of the bar in barchart if the data is negative – Angular Charts

1👍 ✅ I would loop through your chartData and using a condition build out your array for colors. Fair warning, I’m not familiar with Angular Charts, so vm.chartColors may not be the right syntax, but the idea here holds, which is to build an array of your colors based on negative/positive numbers in your data. … Read more

[Chartjs]-Dynamically create Angular-Chart with data binding

1👍 You are just updating the data but the chart has been already rendered on your view.So you need to draw it again with updated data. You can make a function to draw chart like this function drawChart(element,dataset){ var myChart = new Chart(element,{type:’bar’,data:{labels:$scope.labels,datasets :dataset}}) } and call it when your dataset get chanegd [Chartjs]-Rails chart.js … Read more