[Vuejs]-Accessing _this

0👍 ✅ can you try using this and bind? So something like items: object[] = [ { title: test, onclick: this.doSomething.bind(this); } ] Basically we are telling the onclick handler to not change the context of this to the individual objects, but to keep it as the container context. 👤luanped [Vuejs]-Using Vue Components in Moqui … Read more

[Vuejs]-Serial communication with arduino from electron-vue

0👍 If you were on windows this is how you would solve it Install windows build tools in your computer by running this in your powershell with administrator access npm install –global –production windows-build-tools or npm –add-python-to-path=’true’ –debug install –global windows-build-tools setx PYTHON “%USERPROFILE%\.windows-build-tools/python27/python.exe” set PYTHON set PYTHON helps you check if its set up … Read more

[Vuejs]-VueJS: apply mixin to async component

0👍 I found some creepy(?) solution, but it works: // mixins.js export default class Mixins { static fooMixin() { return { created: function () { console.log(‘mixin hook called’); } } } } // app.js Vue.component(“foo”, resolve => { require([‘./components/foo.vue’], resolve); }); // foo.vue <script> import Mixins from “mixins”; export default { … mixins: [Mixins.fooMixin()] } … Read more

[Vuejs]-API 404 using VueJs, ExpressJs and Mongoose

0👍 Looks like axios is making the request on port 8080. You can specify the correct port number in the .get method like so: axios.get(‘/api/users’, { port: 3000 }).then(…) 👤thanksd [Vuejs]-VueUse useDark() does not trigger computed or watch 0👍 add in Server.js, you problem Cross-domain. In place do not origin your url than accesses the … Read more

[Vuejs]-Getting undefined property from Ajax response nested object

0👍 ✅ What I expect is causing the error is for some individual message, message.recipient is undefined. In the case that a recipient is undefined, when you try to access the name property of the recipient as you do here, {{message.recipient.name}} Javascript will throw an error because you are now trying to get the name … Read more

[Vuejs]-Filter and replace banned words Vue js

0👍 Here is our vue instance. The watcher replaces the banned word to asterisk (*) const app = new Vue({ el: ‘#app’, data: function(){ return { todoInput : ”, } }, watch: { todoInput: function(){ var banned = [“banned”, “apple”, “banana”] for (var i = 0; i < banned.length; i++) { if (this.todoInput.includes(banned[i])) { this.todoInput … Read more

[Vuejs]-Vue select list rendering before getting data from Meteor callback

0👍 Use this.events = res; in your Meteor call callback function to save the response to events. Also, use an arrow function for your callback so that it can access the Vue instance via this. getItems() { console.log(‘getting items’); Meteor.call(‘get.upcoming’, (err, res) => { if (err) { console.log(err); } else { this.events = res; console.log(this.events); … Read more