Flutter.sdk not set in local.properties. expression: (fluttersdkpath != null). values: fluttersdkpath = null

Error: flutter.sdk not set in local.properties The error message “flutter.sdk not set in local.properties” indicates that the path to the Flutter SDK is not configured correctly in the local.properties file of your project. To resolve this issue, you need to set the Flutter SDK path in the local.properties file. Follow the steps below: Open your … Read more

Flutter: singlechildscrollview scroll to position

Flutter: SingleChildScrollView Scroll to Position The SingleChildScrollView widget in Flutter allows you to create a scrollable content area with a single child widget. To scroll to a specific position within the child widget, you can use a ScrollController. import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’; class MyScrollableWidget extends StatefulWidget { @override _MyScrollableWidgetState createState() => _MyScrollableWidgetState(); } class _MyScrollableWidgetState extends State … Read more

Flutter: helvetica has no unicode support

Answer: When working with Flutter (a popular framework for building cross-platform mobile applications), you may encounter issues related to font support and unicode characters. In the case of Helvetica font, it does not inherently support all unicode characters. For example, if you are trying to render unicode characters that are not covered by the Helvetica … Read more

Flutter_tools/gradle/flutter.gradle’ line: 1201

Sure! Here’s the HTML content that formats the answer as a div without the body and html tags: “`html Explanation for the query: flutter_tools/gradle/flutter.gradle line 1201 The error you are encountering is related to a specific line (line 1201) in the flutter.gradle file within the flutter_tools/gradle directory. This error typically indicates a problem with the … Read more

Flutter_native_splash image size

flutter_native_splash image size flutter_native_splash is a package used in flutter to customize the app’s launch splash screen. It allows you to specify different images for different device screen densities. Below is an example of how to specify the image sizes. First, create a directory in your project’s root directory called ‘assets’ if it doesn’t already … Read more


Flutter Math Fork Flutter Math Fork is a popular package used in Flutter applications for displaying mathematical equations and formulas. It is a fork of the original flutter_math package, which provides enhanced features and improvements on top of the existing functionality. With Flutter Math Fork, developers can easily render complex mathematical expressions in their app’s … Read more


flutter_libserialport flutter_libserialport is a Flutter plugin that provides access to the LibSerialport library, which is a cross-platform library for serial port communications. With this plugin, developers can communicate with external devices over serial ports using the Flutter framework. Installation To install the flutter_libserialport plugin, follow these steps: Add the following dependency to your pubspec.yaml file: … Read more


Sure! Here’s an example of formatting the answer as HTML content within a ` ` tag: “`html Query: flutter_google_places_hoc081098 The query flutter_google_places_hoc081098 seems to be related to a Flutter package called “flutter_google_places”. Please note that the additional part “hoc081098” in the query doesn’t match any specific package or known convention in the Flutter ecosystem. The … Read more


flutter_config flutter_config is a Flutter package that allows you to easily configure and access your app’s environment-specific configuration variables. Installation To use flutter_config, you need to add the package to your pubspec.yaml file: dependencies: flutter_config: ^1.0.0 Then, run the following command to fetch the package: flutter pub get Configuration After installing the package, you can … Read more


flutter_background_fetch The flutter_background_fetch package is a Flutter plugin that allows you to run code in the background of your app. With this package, you can schedule tasks and execute them even when your app is not actively in use or if the device is locked. Features Background execution of tasks Customizable task schedules Foreground and … Read more