[Solved]-Add method imports to shell_plus


Found it in the docs. Quoted from there:

Additional Imports

In addition to importing the models you can specify other items to
import by default. These are specified in SHELL_PLUS_PRE_IMPORTS and
SHELL_PLUS_POST_IMPORTS. The former is imported before any other
imports (such as the default models import) and the latter is imported
after any other imports. Both have similar syntax. So in your
settings.py file:

    ('module.submodule1', ('class1', 'function2')),
    ('module.submodule2', 'function3'),
    ('module.submodule3', '*'),

The above example would directly translate to the following python
code which would be executed before the automatic imports:

from module.submodule1 import class1, function2
from module.submodule2 import function3
from module.submodule3 import *
import module.submodule4

These symbols will be available as soon as the shell starts.


ok, two ways:

1) using PYTHONSTARTUP variable (see this Docs)

#in some file. (here, I'll call it "~/path/to/foo.py"

def getproj(p_od):
    #I'm importing here because this script run in any python shell session
    from some_app.models import Project
    return Project.objects.get(project_id="asdf")

#in your .bashrc
export PYTHONSTARTUP="~/path/to/foo.py"

2) using ipython startup (my favourite) (See this Docs,this issue and this Docs ):

$ pip install ipython
$ ipython profile create
# put the foo.py script in  your profile_default/startup directory.
# django run ipython if it's installed. 

$ django-admin.py shell_plus 

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