[Fixed]-Adding South to Django project, development & production


My guide says:

  1. Install South on server. import south from shell just to make sure you are using the same python env.
  2. Add 'south' to INSTALLED_APPS in settings.py.
  3. Upload settings.py.
  4. Restart server
  5. python manage.py syncdb.
  6. Upload new app/models.py and app/migrations/ dir.
  7. Restart server.
  8. python manage.py migrate app --fake 0001
  9. python manage.py migrate app


To make sure the south migration table exists,

python manage.py syncdb

and then

python manage.py migrate myproject.myapp --fake 0001
python manage.py migrate myproject.myapp

That’s what’s worked for me. 🙂



No need to do this in Django >= 1.7
i am stuck on this more then 1 hour 🙂

and at last find 1.7 and more have in build upgrading-from-south

for more info https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.7/topics/migrations/#upgrading-from-south
may be this one help you

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