[Solved]-AttributeError: 'property' object has no attribute 'admin_order_field'


You can’t assign attributes to a property, just like the error message is telling you. You have two options – remove the @property decorator, or provide a wrapper that only the admin uses.

def restaurant_name(self):
    return str(self.restaurant)

def restaurant_name_admin(self):
    return self.restaurant_name

restaurant_name_admin.admin_order_field = 'restaurant__name'


Similar with Josh answer but a bit pretty and useful for me because this way also allow you short_description specifying:

def _restaurant_name(self):
  return str(self.restaurant)
_restaurant_name.short_description = ugettext_lazy("restaurant name")
_restaurant_name.admin_order_field = 'restaurant__name'
restaurant_name = property(_restaurant_name)

Now you can use _restaurant_name as callable in admin changelist_view and restaurant_name as a property anywhere else.

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