[Fixed]-Beginner installing/running Django… Errno 10013?


The default port might be open in another program. Try the following:

python manage.py runserver 8080

If that doesn’t work, it might be a permissions problem. Some people have reported that just running cmd.exe as admin isn’t enough. There are a few fixes for this, but they’re annoying and probably indicate something’s weird with your Python install. Try the port fix first 🙂

EDIT: Just read a blog post saying this is very common with folks running Aptana/PyDev. Aptana’s internal webserver uses port 8000, which is the Django default.


I had the same problem and I fixed it by running the code below in the cmd as an admin (to run as admin, right click on the powershell and and select ‘run as admin’).

python manage.py runserver 8080


Maybe this is because of some process is using this port so just kill this port and run again.

  1. go cmd
  2. netstat -a -n -o

Find your port number under the local address column.If u found,check the PID column.U will see which process is using this port

  1. taskkill /f /im [PID]

That is.



While I do not have McAfee installed, nor do am I on Windows 7 (both of which tend to problematic), I had an issue when running the line ‘python manage.py runserver’. I had been receiving the error ‘10013’. The solution was moderately simple. To begin, run the line ‘netstat -ano | findstr’, which checks the line of your port. If the command resulted in a message of any sort, then you ought to change the port which you’re using. This can be done by adding a four digit number to the end of the original ‘runserver’ command.

python manage.py runserver 7000
In the above example, the port being used was changed to port 7000.

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