The npm install command in Node.js encounters an error C2373 when used in conjunction with Visual Studio 2015 Update 3. Rewrite this sentence and simply return it rewritten without any additional text.

62👍 ✅ This error is related to npm, node-gyp, and Visual Studio 2015, and it has already been fixed in node-gyp@3.4.0. However, npm is still using an older version. Here is a workaround that you can follow: Go to the folder where npm is installed, for example: C:\Program Files\nodejs\node_modules\npm Open the file package.json Remove the … Read more

The login is invalid due to a mismatch in the username and password, as error 535-5.7.8 indicates that they are not accepted.

75👍 ✅ Yes, your code is perfect. However, you need to enable access for less secure apps in your Google account to send emails. You can do this by following the link below: Allow less secure apps from your Google Account 12👍 Google has recently disabled access for less secure apps. To continue using your … Read more

The usage of ES2015 module syntax is favored over custom TypeScript modules and namespaces as per the rule @typescript-eslint/no-namespace. So, it is advised to rewrite the sentence accordingly in any context if necessary.

46👍 ✅ This is a lint error caused by the no-namespace lint rule. If you find the rule helpful and want to keep it, you will need to modify your code by replacing namespaces with imports and exports. The documentation of the rule provides details on what changes are needed for a fix. If you … Read more

Is it preferable to serve static files using Express or nginx in Node.js?

75👍 ✅ For development, the preferred choice is Express due to its flexibility. It allows for easy changes to the static location and structure during development. For production, Nginx is recommended as it is significantly faster. While Node/Express excel at executing logic, Nginx outperforms in serving raw content. Additionally, Nginx provides additional capabilities such as … Read more

To install a tar.gz file on Linux, you will need to use the Node.js command.

50👍 You can download this file from the browser or from the console. The latter is shown below (note: the specific Node.js version might be different for you): Example: wget sudo tar -C /usr/local –strip-components 1 -xzf node-v8.1.1-linux-x64.tar.gz #tar options: -x, –extract, –get extract files from an archive -f, –file ARCHIVE use archive file … Read more

The React app error “Failed to construct ‘WebSocket’: An insecure WebSocket connection cannot be initiated from a page loaded over HTTPS” has been resolved.

14👍 ✅ A lot of answers here actually solve the issue, but the simplest way I have found since I asked this question is to add the npm package serve to your dependencies. yarn add serve or npm i serve and then replace your start script with the following: “scripts”: { “start”: “serve -s build” … Read more

Yes, there is a similar built-in function in JavaScript called path.join().

17👍 ✅ There is currently no built-in functionality that allows you to perform a join while preventing duplicate separators. However, you can easily create your own solution like the following: function pathJoin(parts, sep) { var separator = sep || ‘/’; var replace = new RegExp(separator+'{1,}’, ‘g’); return parts.join(separator).replace(replace, separator); } var path = pathJoin([‘a/’, ‘b’, … Read more