[Fixed]-Celery – No module named five


Last version of vine is 5.0.0 and fresh push was in 06.09.2020 (yesterday) :), and this version do not have any five.py file. So downgrade vine version to.


works for me

UPDATE: by the answer Sarang, amqp and celery now requires vine>=5.0.0


Some suggestions found in internet were:

  • Reinstall both (because of a celery and django-celery version mismatch)

  • Upgrade celery

What worked for me was to upgrade kombu:

pip install kombu -U

NOTE: after updating to celery 3.1, django is supported out of the box.


You need to create a celery app according to new celery setup. Create a file celery.py in your project folder with settings.

from __future__ import absolute_import

import os
import sys

from celery import Celery

sfile = 'mysettings_file' # override it
os.environ.setdefault('DJANGO_SETTINGS_MODULE', sfile)

from django.conf import settings

project_name = 'referral' # override it

app = Celery(project_name)
app.autodiscover_tasks(lambda : settings.INSTALLED_APPS)

In your app/tasks.py, add your task

from referral import celery_app # substitute your project folder

class MyTask(celery_app.Task):


Then, use this app to register your tasks. Infact, you don’t need djcelery if you want to use celery with django, unless you are using it as database backend.


  • i face this kind of issue…
from kombu.five import PY3, values
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'kombu.five'
  • after that reinstall celery by

  • pip install celery

  • this way i fix this issue in my machine 🙂


As of version 5.0.0 celery do not use five or six. It’s python 3 only. if you use the latest pypi release, you won’t face it. celery 3.1.x and 4.4.x is EOL now.



I am on latest (kombu==5.2.4, celery==5.2.6) and still got this error! I thought I will share my experience. I read answers here and tried to downgrade vine to 1.3.0. However, that is not possible as kombu needs amqp latest which needs vine latest!

While I was trying all this, I went back to the latest versions and the error magically disappeared. So not sure what it was, but could be the re-install celery fix that some people have shared here.

But happy to report that the latest (May 2022) combination of kombu==5.2.4, celery==5.2.6, amqp==5.0.9, vine==5.0.0 is working fine!



I faced the same issue, it was due to dependency of kombu and vine when we use celery. kombu==5.0.2 and vine==5.0.0 giving issue with celery==4.4.2.

In latest version of vine, vine.five module was not found inside five.py in celery package.

  File "/home/vin/test/lib/python3.6/site-packages/celery/five.py", line 7, in <module>
import vine.five

ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘vine.five’

Solution: Just reinstall the celery package again it will downgrade vine to 1.3 and kombu to 4.6.11 as per its compatibility.

pip install celery

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