[Fixed]-Check if a function has a decorator


Build your own login_required decorator and have it mark the function as decorated–probably the best place to mark it would be in the func_dict.

from django.contrib.auth.decorators import login_required as django_l_r

# Here you're defining your own decorator called `login_required`
# it uses Django's built in `login_required` decorator
def login_required(func):
    decorated_func = django_l_r(func)
    decorated_func.func_dict['login_is_required'] = True
    return decorated_func

@login_required # Your decorator
def authenticatedd_view(request):

def unauthenticated_view(request):

Now you can check to see if a view was decorated like this…

# Assume `a_view` is view function
>>> a_view.func_dict.get('login_is_required',False)

If you’re confused about Python decorators see this SO question/answer: How to make a chain of function decorators?


It seems that your situation is as follows:
1. You have pages that are secured and behind a login-required decorator
2. You have pages that are non-secure and can be visited in both a logged-in state and anonymous state.

If I understand your requirements, you want a user to be redirected to Main Page (Assuming this to be the Welcome Page that can be visited in both a logged-in and Anonymous state) when a user logs out.

Why wouldn’t you just limit the user’s ability to logout from only secure pages, and then set your redirect_url on logout to the welcome screen?

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