[Solved]-Choosing Rails vs. Django based on performance and scalability


That’s the wrong approach to thinking about the problem.

Scalability on the web comes from expanding the number of application servers rather than speeding up an individual application server.

Ruby and Python are both slow languages with problematic multithreading and problematic garbage collectors. We use them anyway because they are very good at permitting the developer to write simpler programs that do the job better. It’s not worth bothering about the question, which of these two runtimes performs better.

So long as you keep good web architecture, where your application server stateless (where all state is kept in the database or in cookies, but not in server-side sessions), you should not care what the actual performance of an individual request is, so long as it is reasonable. Because if your application server is stateless, you can scale that tier horizontally to cope with any need for scalability.


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There are plenty of questions regarding this subject, and none of them answer the question – there’s no right answer.

I don’t think you should choose a framework on those two metrics. Unless you are building the next Facebook, both will scale to your needs. Similarly both should perform to your needs. Instead have a look at what features of the languages and frameworks appeal to your application etc.

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