[Fixed]-Define pagination page_size per-view in Django Rest Framework


You can achieve something relatively clean:

  • Assuming you are setting the pagination per class with the
    pagination_class attribute.
  • Assuming that you keep the page_size attribute in your class.

  1. In your settings.py add a global pagination setting:

    'DEFAULT_PAGINATION_CLASS': 'rest_framework.pagination.PageNumberPagination',
    'PAGE_SIZE': default_page_size,

    You can handle with this all the views that have the same page size.

  2. For any other view/viewset:

    class ACustomViewSet(mixins.ListModelMixin, 
        pagination_class = PageNumberPagination
        page_size = N
        pagination_class.page_size = self.page_size

    Or you can do this inside a method:

    def list(self, request, *args, **kwargs):
        self.pagination_class.page_size = self.page_size 


I finally ended up with customizing it in a custom pagination. It seemed like the most neat and least hacky solution.

The custom pagination

from rest_framework import pagination

class CustomPageNumberPagination(pagination.PageNumberPagination):
    """Custom page number pagination."""

    page_size = 30
    max_page_size = 10000
    page_size_query_param = 'page_size'

    def get_page_size(self, request):
        """Get page size."""
        # On certain pages, force custom/max page size.
            view = request.parser_context['view']
            if view.action in [
                # ...
                return self.max_page_size

        return super(CustomPageNumberPagination, self).get_page_size(request)

The view

from rest_framework.viewsets import ModelViewSet
from rest_framework.decorators import list_route
from .pagination import CustomPageNumberPagination

class MyView(ModelViewSet):

    pagination_class = CustomPageNumberPagination

    def custom_page_size_view_1(self, request):
        """Custom page size view 1"""

    def custom_page_size_view_2(self, request):
        """Custom page size view 2"""

    def custom_page_size_view_3(self, request):
        """Custom page size view 3"""

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