[Answered ]-Django 1.3 NoReverseMatch error


Can’t see any blatant error in the info you show, perhaps you can post your views.py?

Make sure that EVERY entry in your urls.py is correctly defined, since reverse imports the whole urls definition, and if there’s an error (like a view not yet implemented), it will raise an error.

Also, does your views.py add_post signature matches your urls.py? Sorry for the dumb question but… just making sure 😉

Edited in light of your new info:

“def add_post(request, space_name):”

This requires space_name to be passed to the view. Your reverse isn’t passing any arguments, from what I see. Also, make sure your urls.py is correct… aren’t you missing the pattern for the space_name argument after “add/”?


Try using a path to the view instead:

{% url e_cidadania.apps.news.views.add_post %}

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