[Fixed]-Django 1.7 blank CharField/TextField convention


It’s not a bug, it’s documented and logical.
You add a new field, which is (by best practice, as you noticed) not NULLable so django has to put something into it for the existing records – I guess you want it to be the empty string.

you can

 1) Provide a one-off default now (will be set on all existing rows)

so just press 1, and provide '' (the empty string) as value.

or specify default='' in the models.py, as suggested:

 2) Quit, and let me add a default in models.py


  1. select 1 ,it will through to python terminal.
  2. Give timezone.now(), it will exit from python terminal.

Note:it may not exit from terminal at first time,give that command once again.

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