[Solved]-Django A/B Split Testing Packages (None I've found are well-documented and up-to-date.)



And then there’s waffle: http://waffle.readthedocs.org/

It’s simple, updated, maintained, but not very feature rich, it doesn’t have any analytics/reporting stuff integrated. But then again, google analytics or mixpanel type of service is better for this.



I first looked at Django-AB and that is almost what I wanted, but I couldn’t get it to work either. After looking at django-experiments and deciding I didn’t want to mess around with redis yet, I decided to roll my own. I’ve tried to package it up nicely and make it easy to use for the beginner. It’s super basic.



You can swap out entirely different page layouts with Google Analytics Experiments (their default experiment setup will redirect users to a different URL for each variation you have), although in general its much easier to interpret why something is more successful if you test smaller things against each other.

You are right that testing different funnels and user flows against each other using Google Analytics would require a lot of manual setup; although theoretically you could do it by swapping out different links and tracking your users with UTM campaigns.

For smaller A/B tests within the same page, I ended up using Google Analytics Experiments and writing a custom Django CMS plugin for adding a few variant options to a template, which queries the Google Analytics API and displays the correct variant using Javascript.

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