[Solved]-Django Admin in Angularjs


ng-admin is a pure Angular.js implementation of an admin interface based on a RESTful webservice. In addition to basic CRUD, it supports relationships, search, a dashobard, and custom field types.


It doesn’t replicate the Django admin, but tries to build up on Bootstrap and Angular.js for a rich client-side admin experience.

Disclaimer: we wrote it.


I think this is a great idea, and the same thing occurred to me a little while ago, which led me here!

It’s something I’d be interested in building myself. I think it would be quite a big task, and one of the major challenges would be to replicate all the functionality of the django ModelAdmin types in angular. Not to say this couldn’t be done.

As for suggestions – It’s got to be a TDD led project, both on the angular side and with django (luckily both projects are very much built with testing in mind).

For django REST integration, I personally would probably look at django-tastypie, but mainly just because I’m familiar with it and like using it over the other django REST frameworks.

Sounds like an excellent idea overall – I’ll race you 🙂

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